2nd Annual Anchored In Hope Benefit Dinner ft. John Walsh

Children’s Advocacy Center of Lowndes County, Inc.

2nd Annual Anchored In Hope Benefit Dinner

Guest Speaker: Mr. John Walsh

Victims’ Rights Advocate, Host of CNN’s The Hunt with John Walsh

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 @ Valdosta State University 

After his six-year-old son Adam was abducted and murdered in 1981, John Walsh was so distraught that he lost his home and his business. Adam had been the center of his world, and Walsh could not contemplate life without him. He had been counseled and comforted by family, clergy, and friends, but it wasn’t until he spoke to the county coroner involved in Adam’s case, who was waging his own personal war against injustice, that he found the courage to go on. He discovered his life’s mission when he realized that he could take action to prevent other children from being murdered, and other parents from suffering his own fate.

Thus began John Walsh’s odyssey as a crime-fighter, manhunter, and legal visionary, roles that he is known the world over for today. Thanks to his efforts, the United States has laws protecting and providing for the search and return of missing children; the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children exists; and dozens of criminals have been brought to justice as a result of his television series, America’s Most Wanted. No other individual has been more instrumental in protecting the lives of children.

In his moving and inspiring presentations, John Walsh tells the gripping story of how he channeled the most painful event of his life into a mission that would change law enforcement, legislation, and television as we know it.

He has faced many obstacles along the way—from the FBI’s resistance to changing their policies, to the Justice Department’s initial refusal to acknowledge his cause, to the FOX television network’s decision to cancel America’s Most Wanted. But he found a number of valuable allies who helped to see him through—from devoted law enforcement officials, to Congresspeople who believed in his cause, to the television executives, governmental officials, and ordinary citizens who successfully fought to bring America’s Most Wanted back onto the air.

Above all else, John Walsh is living proof that one person can make a difference. As he tells his audiences—if you believe in something and put your passion in service of it, you will find plenty of good people to support you, and to help you achieve your dreams–no matter how great or small your mission.

Please join us for an inspiring evening and a one of a kind experience!


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